"Chesnut Property Ranch Reference Resource Documents"

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  1. Survey Hand Notes of Survey of 1871, Chesnut Ranch Region, Maps and Hand Notes.

  2. Indian Territory Map of Chesnut Ranch Region.

  3. Oklahoma's California Road of 1849, Prepared By Robert H. Scott, Oklahoma Historical Society 1960, Plate B

  4. Map of Okra, Johnson, Chesnut Ranch Region.

  5. Map of Early Oklahoma Boundary Chesnut Ranch Region.

  6. Map and Information With Early Indian Township Map

  7. Map and Information With Early Oklahoma Territory Map.

  8. Maps of Oklahoma State 60 Mile Radius Circle of Oklahoma City.

  9. First State Parallel Survey, 1871.

  10. McClain Co State hi-Way Survey Soil Map, Aerial Satellite, 1927.

  11. Ranch House Measurements (not to scale).

  12. Ranch House Septic DEQ Test, Cert. Contractor Installation with Septic Diagram and Measurements.

  13. Danny & Sue Ranch Equipment.

  14. Footnotes of My Research 1995.

  15. Satellite Images, Satellite Images Taken Aug. 13, 2004 USDA Farm Service Agency.

  16. McClain County Soil Survey Book, McClain County.


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