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Limerick, Ireland, Sarsfield Home Town Motto From Latin, An "Ancient City Studied In the Arts of War". Updated August 22, 2009

"Click Here For Chesnut Family Reunion May 24th - 25th, 2002 Photo Index Link Page

Click Here For Link To Photo's of the Chesnut Family Reunion Held May 24th-25th, 2002 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Hosted by the Descendants of Revolutionary War Soldier "John Chesnut m. Patience Gum, descendant line through His Son William, and proceeding on down thorough William's son Andrew.

There was a Large and Wonderful Chesnut Family Reunion Experienced in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, With Attendees From Many Other States, Including Family Members From Washington State, Virginia, Florida, California, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Many More Just To Name a few.

There Was Also In Attendance At The Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Reunion, Other Chesnut Family Member Related Lines; Descendant From "John Chesnut"( Ancestor Revolutionary War Soldier, Capt. Hopkins Brigade, Virginia), Son Jacob.

"Click Here For Link To Chesnut Family Reunion Photos From August 1998"

"Click Here For Link Page To AUGUST 1998 Chesnut Family Reunion Photos From Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky"

Home - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

"Click Here for Hi Rez. Photo of Our Home Town, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA"

Golden Research Possessions; Ches(t)nut(t) Family Related Excerpts; Letters From Attorney Honorable Homer Jones and Colonel Doctor Gordon V. Walker (GVW - Past President Sons of the American Revolution), Both Chesnut Family Descendents

Click Here For: Correspondence; Letters, Homer Jones to Gordon V. Walker, February 1955 to February 1975.

Early Frederick County, Virginia Research

Frederick County, Virginia Chesnut Records Research.

"Sarsfield Coat of Arms, Banner (Link)"

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Family Descendent Lines

Daniel L. Chesnut, Sr. "Chesnut Family Tree Maker Web Site"

Daniel L. Chesnut, Sr. Ancestors
Descendents of William Anderson Hill
Jones Family Descendents
Matthews Family Historical Newspaper Article (1939) Descendents
McKim Family Descendents
My Personal Looney / Luna Family Line

Great Grandmother Jennie Jones Lane Letter, June 23, 1948

Letter written from my Great Grandmother Jennie Jones Lane to her daughter and son in law, Stella Mae Lane Hill and Louis Arthur (Buddy) Hill ( Buddy Hill, Bud, Oldest of Nineteen Hill Children, Son of William Hill, 10 by the first marriage and 9 by the second marriage; William Hill Born Georgia 1862).


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The Season of Sarsfield. Chronicle-Independent (Camden, S.C.) Monday March 22, 2004.


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Music related link page will be updated regularly to include information pages and resource link pages for sheet music creation, as well as linked pages for instrument hardware, software, and related music production sites of interest.

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"Video and Song The Parents Wish"

A  must see video and song for any one who has a friend, acquaintance, or parents who are growing older, or are thoughtful in what you would want your child, friends or family to consider of an associate when a friend is growing older.

This is a great song, and worth watching. It is our hope that this video will be a blessing to all of you.

This is a video file with music so it will take a little time to load. Your time will be well blessed if you one who has friends who are aging, or perhaps you age is advancing and you see the struggle between the young and the older as life goes on.


"The Allegory of the Cave; from The Republic, By Plato"

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