For the absolute maximum of potential, power and musical creativity, KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE gives you the entire range* of KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects — no exceptions. KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE is the premium bundle for modern music production, live performance, and sound design, and the last word in NI excellence.


Details on the 50 included products...



KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE weighs in at 240 GB of premium sound content - which is why it comes on its own dedicated, sturdy USB 2.0 drive. Setup everything in one go, by simply installing KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE to your chosen internal or external drive. Without the lengthy DVD installation process, you can have KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE up and running easily.

Huge Price Advantage

KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE offers incredible value for money. The bundle is priced at $1099 / 999 € for all 50 products, compared to $6,350 / 5,530 € if each product was bought individually. That's a saving of over 80 percent!

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E-Voucher included

KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE has got it all – but Native Instruments is constantly releasing exciting new products. That’s why when you register KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE, you will receive a $30/25€ e-voucher towards any additional KOMPLETE Instrument or Effect.

All KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects...


KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE is fully integrated with MASCHINE, the groove production studio from Native Instruments. Instantly load any of the instruments or effects from KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE (or any other VST or AU plug in) into your MASCHINE project for complete real-time control. Together, MASCHINE and KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE make a powerhouse partnership for any studio.

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This is it - all of the instruments, effects, processors, and other goodies you've always wanted - all on a single hard drive. Komplete 8 Ultimate gives you a premium collection of Native Instruments's top 50 musical tools. From the industry-standard guitar effects software, Guitar Rig 5 PRO, to creative new processors such as The Mouth, to powerful instruments including NI's flagship KONTAKT 5 sampler, REAKTOR 5.6., Session Strings PRO, and Alicia's Keys - Komplete 8 Ultimate covers all of your musical basses. What's more, you get a dedicated USB 2.0 hard drive preloaded with all 240GB of content included in Komplete 8 Ultimate.

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate Virtual Instrument/Plug-in Bundle at a Glance:

All of the virtual instruments you could wish for - and more!
Between Native Instruments's KONTAKT 5 sampler and REAKTOR 5.6. sophisticated modular synthesizer, you already have thousands of instrument sounds, right out of the box. But with Komplete 8 Ultimate, these flagship virtual instruments are only the beginning. Additional highlights include synths such as NI's innovative RAZOR and MASSIVE advanced analog-style, plus acoustic instruments such as Session Strings PRO, Studio Drummer, Alicia's Keys, and SCARBEE's bass and guitar instruments. No musical style is out of reach when you have Komplete 8 Ultimate!

Powerhouse processors for every application
Native Instruments has been a long-time leader in effects and virtual processor design, breaking ground with processors such as Guitar Rig. Komplete 8 Ultimate also comes with an impressive collection of studio-style processors as well. NI's SOLID series EQ, BUS COMP, and DYNAMICS capture the sound of a world-famous British analog console, whereas the VC series compressors give put the most sought-after dynamics tones in your virtual rack. And those are just a few of the amazing virtual processors that come with Komplete 8 Ultimate!

Cutting-edge innovation keeps Komplete evolving with your rig
Komplete 8 Ultimate marks the 8th edition of Native Instrument's ever-evolving lineup of premium products. If you've been following NI for years, then you already know how dedicated this company is to raising and re-raising the bar when it comes to virtual instruments and plug-ins. Some of the newest editions to the Komplete lineup include exciting new effects such as The Finger (a fun and innovative stutter performance effect), The Mouth (a next-generation vocoder), and TRANSIENT MASTER (an amazing envelope shaper that's perfect for adding life to flat performances).

Advanced KORE-style browser integration with MASCHINE
If you own Native Instruments's MASCHINE workstation, all of the wonderful content in Komplete 8 Ultimate becomes instantly available in MASCHINE's powerful KORE-style category browser. Looking for a dark, acoustic bass sound? How about a percussive monophonic electronic sound? No matter which instrument - MASCHINE lets you instantly call up the perfect sound from anywhere within the Komplete library. MASCHINE and Komplete 8 Ultimate are any songwriter's dream-come-true!

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate Virtual Instrument/Plug-in Bundle Features:

Flagship products:


Strings & Cinematic:

Creative & Studio Effects:

Drums & Percussion:

Guitar & Bass:

Piano & Keys:

Don't just dream - make the music you've been dreaming about, with Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate!

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Manufacturer Part Number 21331

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