"Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9DX"



Power supply : 9V battery (S-006P) or AC adapter AC109, AC309, AC509 Power requirement : DC9V 8mA Size : 124(D)×74(W)×53(H) mm Weight : 570g

The Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Effects Pedal features the slightly warmer JRC4558D IC found in most of the old TS808 Tube Screamers and also offers 3 new settings for increased low end crunch: +, Hot, and Turbo.

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Effects Pedal, 4 distinct preamp voicings! The Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Ef fects Pedal feat ures the slightly warmer JRC4558D IC found in most of the old TS808 Tube
Screamers and also of fers 3 new sett ings f or increased low end crunch:+, Hot , and Turbo.

Sound Files TS9.mp3

Sound Files TS9+.mp3

Sound Files TS9DX-Hot.mp3

Sound Files TS9-Turbo.mp3

Click Here For Turbo Ibanez TS9DX Operational Manual And Quick Start Guide

Click Here For Ibanez Standard TS9 Operational Manual And Quick Start Guide


Ibanez TS9DX

Price New Ibanez TS9DX $109.00 (Street) 
Manufacturer URL http://www.ibanez.com/
Ease of Use 9.2 (82 responses)
Sound Quality 8.3 (84 responses)
Reliability 9.2 (65 responses)
Customer Support 7.2 (9 responses)
Overall Rating 8.2 (79 responses)
Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: UNKNOWN
Submitted 02/18/2009 at 12:24pm by Evil

Ease of Use : No Opinion
Very easy.

Sound Quality : 5
Not good. I too bought this pedal based on the reputation of the "Tube Screamer" name and thought the DX would have a little more flexability if I needed it.

I ran it through a ISP Decimator into a BBE sonic stomp and into my amp: B52 AT100. My hope was that this would at the slightest amount of dirt to my clean channel to make it sound more vintage and enhance the overdrive channels to give more life to my crunch and lead..basically an "on all the time" pedal that would increase the overall signal received by the amp.

The result was not what I wanted. First of all the pedal has a lot more break-up than I expected. I basically had to turn down the gain knob to almost zero to get the kind of clean drive I wanted. The other problem was that the pedal is not really transparent. It kind of muddies up the sound unless the tone knob is wide open...like a tone knob on a guitar.

A few other things I didn't like were that the pedal's breakup was kind of scratchy when I played hard. There may have been a defect in mine thought. Also a very important point...Musician's Friend, where I bought it from advertises this pedal as being built with the same chip that comes in the 808 model...the one that everyone mods the TS9 to have. This was a major reason I had for buying it but it isn't true. I opened it up and saw the same chip that the TS9's come with stock. Could be the reason for the crapy sound. Not too cool of MF.

Reliability : No Opinion
I've always heard these things are built like a tank. I don't really see them being any more solid than any boss or digitech pedal out there.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : 5
I tried mine out for a day and then sent it back to MF. I was kind of disappointed because for the price I expected better. I used to have a Digitech X Series Tonedriver pedal and a Line6 Crunchtone, both of which sounded much better than the DX(especially the digitech).

I won't buy the DX again. I have always been curious about the 808 reissue but I don't think I'd ever pay that much for a simple overdrive pedal.

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: USD 109.99
Submitted 02/02/2009 at 04:18pm by Evil

Ease of Use : 10
Very easy to use but pretty over-rated IMHO.

I bought mine online and it was advertised as having the JC4885DC chip that the original 808 has. I always here that people have to get this in a mod for this pedal so I thought maybe Ibanez decided to improve the design. Not the case. This pedal was falsely advertised and comes with the chip that everyone gets removed. I don't understand why a company would manufacture a product that most people have to pay extra to modify.

Sound Quality : 3
I tried this on my 100 watt all tube head which I use in my live set up. I play schecter 7 string guitars with seymour duncan pickups(JB/'59) and not many effects; just a TC Electronic rack unit in my live rig that I use mostly for reverb. I wanted this pedal to be an "on all the time" unit so that I could have a hotter signal throught the front end of my amp for a tiny bit of dirt in the clean channel and a slightly more reactive overdrive channel.

The closest I could come to a usable sound was on the TS9 setting with the level at about 9 o' clock, the gain at just about one notch from zero and the tone cranked all the way open(Interesting note: the tone knob on this thing isn't like those on other distortion pedals I've used. It acts like a passive tone pot on a guitar: bypassed when fully open and can only cut frequencies when turned down. It isn't like an active tone circuit that boosts when you turn it one way and cut when you turn the other way).
Anyway, on the clean channel of my tube amp, I got an increase of volume but with a scratchy, crackeling sort of break-up that was totally unpleasant and just sounded like the pedal was clipping because it couldn't handle the signal.
It just made my overdrive channel sound fuzzy and less articulate though it did increase my sustain by a good amount.

Another point: the other three mode settings; Hot, + and Turbo, while they do change the voicings and increase saturation and low end, also decrease the volume on each setting. The TS9 mode is at least twice as loud as Turbo on the same level setting. This seems very counter-intuitive to me and was very unexpected.

Reliability : 5
It doesn't seem as solid as other people have said. I'd trust a boss or digitech pedal over this any day.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : 4
I play progressive metal and I've been playing guitar for almost 15 years. And of course, since we guitarists are especially suseptable to G.A.S. I've played through many, many distortion and overdrive pedals. This one has been the most disappointing one in a long time. It is possible that this unit was defective but that just makes me all the more disappointed in Ibanez for neglecting quality control on a line of products that is supposed to be a modern musician's standard go to pedal. For my purposes I could probably get a better result from a compressor or a simple boost pedal. But for classic overdrive sounds, I can think of at least half a dozen other pedals that sound better than this and cost half as much. Try before you buy.

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: GBP 90
Submitted 10/31/2008 at 06:59am by mmca

Ease of Use : 1
Can't get a useable sound.

Sound Quality : 1

Reliability : No Opinion
Don't know.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : 1
I bought this unheard on the strength of its reputation. Judging by the other reviews here, maybe there's something wrong with mine but it was a complete and utter waste of money. I play a PRS RG4 through a Blackstar A30 (a really good valve amp) and a blackstar HT boost pedal (also really good). I wanted to add something to get a 'singing' solo sound for home practice or recording at low volumes, nothing too fancy, just a useable lead sound. Forget it. All it did was add some toneless fizz with no body or anything. ??90 down the drain.

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: USD 125
Submitted 09/28/2008 at 08:06pm by Matt Clark
Email: Mclark36 at ec<dot>rr<dot>com

Ease of Use : 7
If you bought one of these, you know what you are seeking. I thought it would more of a distortion pedal but it is more subtile and you have to develope an ear for it. As an antagonist for a tube amp-- it is standard equipment. Some experimentation with the modes is in order to find the shape you want. it is not difficult.

Sound Quality : 9
ts-9- classic, creamy chock full of mid range. The closest to a tube amp you can get in a box under $200. the "hot" and "+" are not useful to me as far as I can tell. The "turbo" setting is awesome especially if you use a guitar with humbuckers- it has great bass responce and a real compressed mid range growl that is just slightly evil! With my strat it is just kinda of bassy but not bad. If you use another distortion pedal, put this in before it in your chain. If it is after your dist, it will get a real nasty spitting grunge that is really cool if you want to use that effect ( think a really overdriven tube amp about to crapout its speakers)! I use this through a Randall SS and Fender Frontman 15R. I have a Peavey 212 Classic in the shop and I would love to see what this will sound like with that!

Reliability : 10
tank...I have been using Ibanez since 1982 and they all are still working fine!

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : 10
you have to have a ts-9, why not have one with extras? It has lots of output so keep your level down. The Turbo and + modes have increased levels so watch that too. I have been using it with a Randall SS amp and I get a great tube thang when I need it. The Randall has enormous gain and I am a gain junky but a Strat through a Randall to get a bluesy sound is difficult s the single coils just shout, " hey...this is solid state!!!!!!!!!!" Jimi would kill you!!!. Enter the TS-9 DX with the extra gain available! I play in a blues outfit also and this is great through a Fender Frontman 15R coupeled with a Danelectro FAB distortion. With a strat, it is priceless- perceptibale distortion with not alot of color taken out of your tone. With a humbucker ( mine an Electra Phoenix or Dean ZX) a great growly compressed distordion very unique sounding. GET ONE!

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: USD 109
Submitted 07/11/2008 at 02:05pm by strugglebuggy
Email: strugglebuggy<at>mybackseat dot org

Ease of Use : 10
Easy to use. Only 4 Knobs. They are all clearly marked and self explanatory.

Sound Quality : 9
On the origional TS9 setting it sounds great no matter how it is set. I use it with a Tele through a class A Fender tube amp. I couldnt imagine a better set up. Crisp, crunchy and clear. Think SRV tone (now all I need is to learn to play like him- wish me luck!). The turbo and deluxe settings seem worthless to me, with these settings the distortion decreases, while volume and bass are added progressively. Each setting just gets louder, flabbier and boomier. Im glad I got the DX to stisfy curiosity, but would have done just fine with the standard TS9.

Reliability : 2
I had it for 6 months, and the on/off switch crapped out on me-doesnt work at all. I never even stomped on it with a shoe. I play bare foot, and am very gentle, it looks brand new. Thats faulty maunufacturing, and Ibanez says I have to pay for shipping to get it repaired. What a crock. If it didnt sound so damn good I would choke it up as a loss.

Customer Support : 2
I had it for 6 months, it craps out and I have to pay for shipping. Thats one crappy warantee.

Overall Rating : 6
Ive been playing 15 years. Mostly bules, reggae and alt rock. It sounds great, though the deluxe settings arent useful to me. I wish the quality control and warantee was beter.

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: USD 109
Submitted 09/06/2007 at 12:52pm by PLMD

Ease of Use : No Opinion
Very easy to get the right sound out of it

Sound Quality : 9
I play a Jeff Beck strat into an AC-30 Vox - great blues and rock tones but i needed it to kickit up when soloing or for playing harder rock.
This does the trick!
It makes my strat CRUNCH and ROAR and SING.
Great for solo boosts. Hard to believe its a strat at those times.
The Turbo mode is my favorite and packs the fullest and tightest tone.
Definitely mid-dominated but that is what the strat lacks.
I have noiseless pickups so it is silent.
I use a BigMuff Pi for fuzz and cream and use this for crunch and concrete.
It's a cross between overdrive and subtle distortion.

Reliability : No Opinion
Seems solid.

Customer Support : No Opinion
No need.

Overall Rating : 9
Great for blues and rock.
Better than Marshall Guv'na.
Would definitely replace it if stolen.
Great buy.

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: UNKNOWN
Submitted 06/16/2007 at 07:18pm by Dinesh
Email: dyogaratnam<at>yahoo dot com

Ease of Use : 8
Simple to use. Changing modes on the fly takes practice, as the output volume gets significantly louder as you go from "TS-9" to "Turbo." Once you get familiar with the settings, this ceases to be a problem. If you're using a pedal chain, I recommend placing this pedal after your other distortion/overdrive units (i.e., closer to amp).

Sound Quality : 9
I play a gibson les paul studio (1994) through a fender twin reverb (blackface reissue). Pathway is guitar > Teese RMC-3 Wah > ts9dx > EH Metal Muff > MB V-Twin > Dunlop Univibe > EB Volume pedal > amp. With this particular setup, I am primarily using the "Turbo" setting with 1/4 gain and 3/4 tone. This serves as an excellent boost. I am able to add volume, bass, and a slight bit of overdrive to Clean, V-twin, or Metal Muff driven signal. I find it a lot more satisfying, tonally, than simply using the volume pedal. It really adds balls to your sound. With my pickup selector in the treble (bridge) position, and a little more gain, I am able to get a passable AC/DC tone with the clean signal at garage-band volume. This is not a Marshall Plexi substitute, but it makes for a fun and useable imitation (again, in a garage band) for a lot less money. I did get the Analog Man "808" mod about 5 years ago, and it made the tone slightly warmer and less bright. I like what the mod did for my sound, but I don't think it's a must-have feature. Comparing pedal to pedal, for a bluesy-overdriven/crunch sound, I prefer my V-twin. That being said, I would feel crippled if I didn't have my TS-9dx to beef up the V-twin. It also changes the character of the Metal Muff from a heavy metal distortion to a dark/grungy heavy overdrive without muddying up the tone much. Again, this is not a replacement for a high-gain diezel or mesa boogie amp, but I think it gets the job done for the semi-serious musician hobbyist on a budget.

Reliability : 10
I have owned this pedal for roughly 8 years, and I have not had any problems with it. I bought it used, and it works as well today as it did the day I bought it. Its very sturdy.

Customer Support : No Opinion
I have never had to deal with Ibanez customer service.

Overall Rating : 8
I have been playing for about 12 years, and I have owned this pedal for quite a long time. I posted a review 7 years ago on this very same pedal (dinesh, 1/29/2000), and I am just as impressed today as I was back then with the tonal qualities of this pedal. My gear has changed slightly over the years, but I'm more or less using the same style setup. My ratings and opinions are based upon using this kind of setup (les paul through a fender tube-amp plus "boutique" overdrive pedals). I'm currently playing in a garage-band that plays everything from Santana to The Ramones to Tool to Smashing Pumpkins to Grateful Dead. I use this pedal during most songs, especially when I need to cut through with a solo. I would certainly buy another if lost or stolen. Highly recommended.

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: USD 120
Submitted 04/16/2007 at 03:42pm by Dave Wiese
Email: Dave at guitar-dne<dot>com

Ease of Use : 10
4 knobs; level, drive, tone, a 4 position mode switch. A hair more difficult than a standard TS-9, but it's quite easy to operate.

Sound Quality : No Opinion
On the TS-9 setting, it sounds like a TS-9 reissue. As you notch it to turbo, you get subtle drive intreases without straying away form the original character. TS-9's generally add light overdrive (not highgain distortion), or it can boost other drive units/amps. The TS-9DX doesn't get too fuzzy, or harsh, and I've run this with another TS-9 to do a 2 stage overdrive and it worked great. I already had the TS-9 Reissue and was looking for the same sound with a little more boost, and the DX delivers.

Reliability : 8
The casing (i believe designed by Maxon) is solid, but I managed to break a shaft on the level pot, making it a handy on/off kill switch. I was able to replace it with a standard pot. otherwise, no problems.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : No Opinion
Follows the TS-9 vibe quite well. The price is right, and it can be modded to a TS 808 type sound (which would be interesting to hear a TS 808 with the 4 modes). Even with the boosting, I still use it as an overdrive, for highgain distortion I use a Marshall Gon'Nor II pedal.

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: UNKNOWN
Submitted 03/22/2007 at 10:21pm by Bruce Layton

Ease of Use : 10
Very easy to use. The "Drive" control is like a distortion pot adjusting the overdrive, then there's a switch with four settings as already described, along with a gain pot and a tone pot, and the foot stomp button indicated by a LED. This is not an all-out distortion or fuzz pedal and the settings are subtle yet distinct levls of overdrive.

Sound Quality : 9
Exceptional tone and very quiet with my rig. I use this in a bedroom set-up with a Warmoth tele I built with Bill Lawrence pickups and Bill's five-way switch. The guitar goes into an old Ampex 6V6 push-pull tube amplifier I turned into a head after a complete rebuild job with fancy film and foil caps and a new power supply, along with a speaker cabinet I built with a 16-Ohm Eminence 12" speaker (their clone of the Celestion Vintage 30). This setup was very clean but needed some more gain to drive it, and after some research I guessed that the TS9DX had a little more range than the other Tube Screamers. I guessed right and am very happy with its versatility: between the guitar's five settings and the Ibanez' four, I get a variety of tones from Esquire-like high-end sparkle to near-marshall stack roar. And no noise at all. None. Zip Nada.

Reliability : No Opinion
Don't know yet, but it looks to be very well built. I use it in my bedroom every night without a backup.

Customer Support : No Opinion
Dunno yet.

Overall Rating : No Opinion
I play my own music which ranges from blues to country to alternative. I find this to be a perfect fit.

Product: Ibanez TS9DX
Price Paid: USD 89 USED
Submitted 03/04/2007 at 05:11pm by James

Ease of Use : 9
4 knobs, all basic functions; Drive, Level, MODE, and Tone. The Main difference between this tube screamer and the TS9 is the addition of the MODE knob. You can choose between 4 different Modes; TS9, TS9+, Hot, Turbo.

Sound Quality : 8
I use this pedal with my Peavey 5150 II Head and Randall 2x12-1x15 cabinet and a Jackson King V USA with Seymour-Duncan JB pickups. The 5150 sounds good on it's own, but lacks the midrange and sustain needed to get a really brutal death/black metal tone. That's where the tube screamer comes in handy. I front end the pedal (Guitar>Cable>PEDAL>Amp) and use it as sort of a Compressor/EQ. In the TS9 mode I jack the Level up to about 8 and the Tone to 7 and just a bit of drive(3)to give it a little more gain. The pre-amp (gain) is set to about 4 and a half on the 5150. I also have the bass set to 4 and the MID to about 2 and the High is up to 10. This set-up is relatively noise free, I don't use a noise suppressor. Overall I really like the sound the pedal gives me, more midrange and sustain. The tone is suited for Arch Enemy, Avulsed, and Emperor inspired metal.

Reliability : No Opinion
These pedals are known for being as tough as they come. They feel heavier than other pedals their size and it seems to be made very strong. The knobs are recessed far enough away from the footswitch so no worries about accidentally messing up the settings with your dumb feet.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : 8
I listen to Black, Death, Progressive, and Thrash Metal. I've been playing for about 9 years now. If it were lost or stolen I might get another one. I love the boost in distortion it gives me. I think it could be a little less harsh sounding but it still sounds great.


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Juan Carlos Martin Lopez Mago de Oz  RG  Spain  
Juan Pablo Lobos   RGT220H-SOL  Venezuela  
Justin Shekoski Saosin  RG550  U.S.A.  
Kamal Musallam Kamal Musallam Group  AF105  UAE 
Kasperi Heikkinen Amberian Dawn / Iconofear  RG  Finland  
Keith Aazami Bad Acid Trip  AR250  U.S.A. 
Ken Susi Unearth  CUST. S7620  U.S.A. 
Kevin Palmer Amity Lane  CUST. SA160  U.S.A. 
King Shah Metalasia  RG  Malaysia 
Kirk Kolaitis Diecast  RG520  U.S.A.  
Kit Wray Into the Moat  RGT220  U.S.A.  
Koji Tsumoto   Japan 
Kristian Niemann Therion, Demonoid  RG  Sweden  
Kristian Hermansson   Custom RG470L  Sweden 
Krzysztof Misiak Chylinska  RG1527, S1625-TKS  Poland  
Lance Arny Flaw  RG1077XL  U.S.A.  
Larry Mitchell   SZ520, SZ720  U.S.A.  
Layne Meylain Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza  S7320  U.S.A. 
Lee Malia Bring Me The Horizon  RG  U.K.  
Lolo Alvarez Victimas del Mainstream  AR-SA-AEL  Spain 
Luke Hoskin Protest the Hero  S470  U.S.A. 
Maew Jirasak Panpum Mad Catz  S2120X  Thailand  
Magnus Olsson   RG3120-VV(live), RG3120-TW(stu  Sweden  
Manu Livertout Scarve  RG7  France  
Mark Jansen Epica  S7  Netherlands 
Mark Gemini Thwaite The Mission, Tricky  SZ720FM  UK 
Martin Hagstrom Meshuggah  CUST. RG7420  Sweden  
Marty Friedman   SZ  U.S.A.  
Matt Bachand Shadows Fall  MBM  U.S.A.  
Matt Roberts 3 Doors Down  CUST. RG570  U.S.A. 
Matt Good From First to Last  IC400  U.S.A.  
Matt Aub Timelord  XPT700  U.S.A.  
Max Flovik Lillasyster  AXS, RG7321, EW20  Sweden  
Michael Keene The Faceless  XPT700  U.S.A.  
Mick Thomson Slipknot  CUST. RG2020  U.S.A. 
Mikael Lagerblad One Man Army and the Undead Quartet  S-series  Sweden  
Mike Lerner Behold...the Arctopus  Custom RG550  U.S.A.  
Mike Shinoda Linkin Park  RG321  U.S.A.  
Mike Laurino Gizmachi  RG1527  U.S.A.  
Mike Dewolf Taproot  CUST. AX120  U.S.A.  
Minoru Kojima   RG7, AX  Japan  
Mordy Ferber   S540  U.S.A.  
Muhammed Suicmez Necrophagist  XPT  Germany  
Nick Hipa As I Lay Dying  ART  U.S.A. 
Noah Carpenter Skinless  XPT700  U.S.A.  
Norathep Maesaeng Cresendo, T-Bone  AF105  Thailand  
Norman Brown   CUST. AF120, GB10  U.S.A.  
Oli Herbert All That Remains  S1625  U.S.A.  
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez The Mars Volta  AX120  U.S.A. 
Pablo Stipicic Blackout  RGA121  Chile  
Pancho Rojas Dama Juana  AR3000-VV  Chile 
Parker Lauzon Evans Blue  SZ  Canada  
Pascal Cheseaux P.M.T. - Pre Menstrual Tension  SZ320-BK  Switzerland  
Pat Metheny   PM120  U.S.A.  
Pat Pattison Straight Line Stitch  RGA121  U.S.A. 
Patrick Rondat Patrick Rondat, Elegy  RG Prestige custom  France 
Paul Reid Independent, Beverley Knight, Liberty X, Billy Crawford/ Ms Dynamite  RGA  UK 
Paul Gilbert Racer X  PGM301WH  U.S.A.  
Paul Raymond UFO  Cust. IC400BK  U.K.  
Paul Hanson   RG550  U.S.A.  
Paul Waggoner Between The Buried And Me  S1625TKS  U.S.A. 
Pavel Zeburuev   Russia 
Pekka Kiviaho One Man Army and the Undead Quartet  RG2620-CBK  Sweden  
Pekka Olkkonen Stam1na  RG1527-RB  Finland  
Per Gade Billy Cobham/Airto Moreira  AF105FNT  Denmark  
Pete Ricci Lo-Pro  SZ520  U.S.A. 
Pete Lesperance Harem Scarem, Fair Ground  CUST. SZ520  Canada  
Philippe Robert Roch Voisine,Wazimba  Talman series  France 
Pop Waravit Rancorous  RG2020  Thailand 
Ralf Sommerfeld Summerfield  US Custom  Germany 
Ramon Ortiz Ankla  CUST. RG7420  U.S.A.  
Ravi Bhadriraju Job For a Cowboy  S2170  U.S.A.  
Ricky Belloni New Trolls  S1540FM-TTS  Italy  
Rikk Beatty Rikk Beatty Band  RG3520  U.S.A.  
Rob Balducci   RG7420  U.S.A.  
Rob Patterson Circus Diablo,Doctor Z  CUST. IC300, RG1527  U.S.A. 
Rob Johnson Magnitude 9  CUST. RG7420  U.S.A.  
Robbie Furze PANIC DHH    U.K.  
Roberto R. Rodrigo AIRLESS  RG  Spain  
Rocky George Fishbone  RG570  U.S.A.  
Roland Gebhardt Ro Gebhardt`s Blow  AM200AV  Germany 
Rudi Buttas Pur    Germany  
Ryan Hansen Light This City  XPT  U.S.A. 
Ryan Knight Arsis  RG550  U.S.A.  
Ryan Gudmunds Carnifex  S7320  U.S.A. 
Sam Totman Dragonforce  STM1 WH  U.K.  
Sammy Black LOVEX  RG. TCY. JEM. UV  Finland 
Sander Hoek Independent  RGT220A-NTF, AW85ECE-RLG  Netherlands 
Scott Hull Pig Destroyer  RG2228  U.S.A.  
Scott Ueda Seven Stitches  JKII  U.S.A. 
Scott Wilson Demiricous  S470  U.S.A. 
Scott Danough   RGT220  U.S.A.  
Sean Kipe Course of Nature  ARX  U.S.A.  
Sebastien Chaput Ion Dissonance  RG1527  Canada  
Sergey Popov Aria  J-Custom S9870, J-Custom RG180  Russia  
Seth Thacker Straight Line Stitch  RGA121  U.S.A.  
Simon Andersson Avatar  RG2610E-BK  Sweden  
Steve Brown Ignominious Incarceration  S2170  U.K. 
Steve Bello Steve Bello Band  RG7  U.S.A.  
Steve Vai   JEM7VWH, JEM7VBK, UV777PBK, JEM555BK  U.S.A. 
Steve Richards Taproot  CUST. IBZ  U.S.A. 
Steve Miloszewski City Sleeps  CUST. SA160  U.S.A.  
Steve Holt 36 Crazyfists  SZ320  U.S.A.  
Tarver Marsh A Different Self  SZ720  U.S.A.  
Teemu Mantysaari Wintersun  RG321F-SPB, RGA121-NTF  Finland  
Terry Balsamo Evanescence  RG570  U.S.A.  
Thomas Muster Shakra  SZ320-BK, SZ520QM-BBL  Switzerland 
Tim Roth Into Eternity  S470  Canada  
Todd Deguchi   AX220  U.S.A.  
Tom Fischer Celtic Frost  Iceman  U.S.A.  
Tommy Svela   RGT42DX  Norway  
Tony Triano   RGA  Spain  
Tony G. Hernando   Guitars: RG,USA Custom  Spain 
Tosin Abasi   RG1527  U.S.A. 
Trond "Teeny" Holter Wig Wam  RG1570MRB  Norway  
Vince Stropki Salt the Wound  RG7321  U.S.A. 
Vlad Tanaskovic Evans Blue  AX  Canada  
Vladimir Khoryjii     Russia 
Way Barrier Destroy Destroy Destroy  XPT700  U.S.A.  
Yann Armellino   SZ 520  France  
Yannick Robert Yannick Robert  S2020X, SC420fretless Y.Robert  France 
Yasushi Muratori MURATORIX  RG7  Japan  
Zlatko "Slädu" Perica Burn, DJ Bobo, Tangerine Dream  RG-SWISS , RG2120X-TLB , UV777P-BK  Switzerland