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This is the one I chose... The STB-T8 from Tivax is a Digital TV Set Top Converter Box with Analog pass through for connection to a TV antenna. Main features of the STB-T8 include receives free on air high definition TV broadcast, analog pass through for easier connection to a TV antenna, auto scan, electronic program guide and program information, parental control, supports both 4:3 and 16:9 TV aspect ratios, closed-captioning, Dolby digital, full operation by remote control, energy star compliant, NTIA certified, qualified for $40 coupon, and english, spanish, and french on-screen display.Inputs include Antenna/RF Coaxial and Smart Antenna interface, composite video, stereo audio left and right and one antenna/RF output. Comes with remote control and two AAA batteries.


Today we will be taking a look at the Tivax STB-T8 digital TV converter box which is an updated version of the Tivax STB-T9 digital TV converter box. The new version is exactly the same as the old one except for that it has been updated to include analog pass-through. If you don't need analog pass then you should save the money and get the older version.

Overall Rating: A++

Picture Quality: This digital TV converter box is exactly the same as the its little brother when is comes to picture quality. The picture quality of this digital TV converter box is better than almost all other digital TV converter boxes on the market. When using this digital TV converter box you will get a picture that is just about as good as what you get when watching a DVD.

Audio Quality: The sound quality for this digital TV converter box is also rated very high when compared with other digital TV converter boxes. This digital TV converter box delivers crystal clear sound that is better than what you would get from any analog broadcast.

Product Features: This digital TV converter box comes with a great set of features. It comes with an above average programming guide that shows information for current and upcoming shows. The Tivax digital TV converter box also comes with auto scan or manual tuning functions. This digital converter box also has adjustable closed captioning, an on screen signal strength meter, and the analog pass-through function. Finally, the Tivax stb-t8 also comes with three language supports, a 90 day manufacturer warranty, and is energy star compliant.

The Bottom Line: Overall this digital TV converter box is one of the best digital TV converter boxes available. It comes with plenty of features and one of the best picture qualities you can get. At a price of $61 it is also a very good buy. If you are interested in a digital TV converter box we highly recommend that you purchase the this one

Street Price New (Amazon) $49.99 Delivered ($9.99 After $40.00 United States "TV Converter Box Coupon" Application Applied)



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