Yamaha PF 2000 /  DX-7II Engine Synthesizer

Before placing this ad on eBay, I took this keyboard, to the top keyboard tech (in my estimation, in our rather large city area; and one who maintains the electronic keyboards for large educational institutions), who works for a prominent chain of music stores, and a first rate electronic technician as well as keyboard action specialist, and had him fully check the keyboard electronics and keyboard action and make any and all repairs necessary.

While he was checking the keyboard electronics and key action, I had him replace the battery for the computer memory and reinitialize the computer of the keyboard, fully checking all areas of serviceability to the player. This was a $214.81 check-up fee (charged) for complete action and electronic work. I did this so I could feel good about this sale and confident I have done my best when I speak to you about my PF2000 I am selling. I am not a dealer; but am a prominent keyboard player, who no longer needs this instrument. I play a lot of grand piano, and other options where I perform.  The instrument and the way I used it is described and listed below. Having said all of this; This eBay sale is an "As Is" sale.

Item Description As Follows, Below

Good Studio Synth whether used as a stand alone Synthesizer or as a MIDI linked Synthesizer  as an integral part of your session layer. The computer module is the sought after DX-7II engine. The PF 2000 will use the DX-7 and DX-7II Factory Cartridges, and comes with the factory set of two DX-7 cartridges containing [A], [B], [C], and [D] factory sound group programs. The PF 2000 also comes with the PF 2000 Factory adapter cartridge which adapts the DX-7II slot to accept the DX-7 cartridges which are included in this sale. The PF 2000 also comes with the PF 2000 Factory Cartridge of world class DX-7II sound structures, which are very good.

The piano/synth is ready to go on the road or in the studio. It is a prized vintage sound instrument by many studio owners.

Included Sale Items

1. I am including in the eBay sale the PF2000 Hard Case shown in the third picture below as part of the sale with the PF2000. The case is in good condition, with all latches and hinges working.

 2. Included also is the PF2000 DX-7 cartridge adapter, which holds and adapts the standard factory DX-7 ROM and RAM sound cards, as well as appropriate third party DX-7 RAM and ROM memory cards.

This DX-7, DX-7II vintage sound capability is one the outstanding features, which makes this keyboard such a desirable instrument in the studio.

3. I am also including in this eBay auction sale, the factory PF2000 ROM Factory Sound Card which contains an outstanding classic DX-7II EP Layered Piano Sound, along with Synth and String Sounds.

4. I am also including in this eBay auction two (2) Yamaha DX-7 Orchestral Cards. These Two (2) Vintage DX-7 Factory Sound cards of which I mention, will fit in the PF2000 by use of the included DX-7 adapter, noted above, which adapts the DX-7 ROM cards to fit the PF2000 (DX-&II) ROM slot.

5. I am also including as part of this eBay sale the original paper hardcopy of the PF2000 Owners Manual. There is also available from Yamaha, free of charge, the original manual in electronic file format.

To answer any technical questions you may have, I refer you to the PF2000 electronic manual edition, which should be the final authority on any electronics or features the PF2000 may contain, or is comprised of. I as a lay person, musician have attempted here to describe the PF2000 instrument, as I know it, to the best of my ability; however it must be stated that I am not an engineer, and possess no special knowledge about any particular electronic feature of the PF2000. I am including a link below to the electronic copy of the Yamaha PF2000 Factory Owners Manual, and as stated above, refer you as final authority to the manual for any specific feature.

There is another outstanding feature to the PF2000, and that is that it contains two self contained powered speakers.

As a working keyboard player who plays in various formats, from home to large venues, I find the two small speakers an added convenience and bonus in the purchasing this keyboard.

There is a nice feature with the use of the two speakers and their amplifier section, whereby you gain the capability to use the input section of this keyboards preamp to amplify and mix in an add on accessory module, such as a drum machine.

I take the output of the drum machine to the input of the preamplifier section of my keyboard (auxiliary 1/4" phone jack input to the preamp section, located on the back of the PF2000), which I use for adding in the drum machine to the mix of the PF2000 internal sounds, which are then routed or heard through the output of the speakers on the top of the piano, or sent through the 1/4" outputs on the back of the Keyboard to an external mixer or amplifier. I have used this keyboard setup at class reunions, dinner restaurant gigs, and other quick set up gigs where the volume was suited to this simple quick simple setup feature.

On occasion, where there was limited time or capability, I would place a microphone near the piano speakers, where the microphone feed through the house system to other dining rooms.

The internal speakers have the option  to be turned on or off. This option and switch allows you to turn off the speakers (when you have additional amps and playing loud) in a large arena or room, or in the studio (where you need quiet). In these settings it would either be too loud to hear the PF2000 internal speakers, on stage; or in the case of the studio, the speakers would bleed into other tracks, or feed into a live microphone channel (vocal microphone, guitar microphone, etc.). In a Studio you want to use the 1/4" direct outs for a direct feed of the  recording of the PF2000, anyway.

This PF2000 is a vintage Keyboard in the pre-programmed digital synthesizer technology format (which is valued and prized for its own worth).

I have attached a link the PF2000 manual, which will answer any technical questions where specifics are important, or any other additional questions that you have (I refer you to the manual).

This Yamaha PF2000 Keyboard is a moderately heavy keyboard (88 keys, notes, etc.) and will come packed in the case, pictured below, and the case will be included in the eBay auction sale with the PF2000 Synth.

 I will put PF2000 Keyboard and case in a larger fashioned box, and ship the keyboard, by truck line, as required, due to the weight and size.

Yamaha PF 2000 Photos Below

The keyboard stand the PF2000 is sitting on in these eBay photos is not included as part of this eBay sale.





PF 2000 Factory Data Cartridge containing Excellent Yamaha PF2000 Factory Sounds Programs


Two DX-7 Factory Program Cartridges containing; 3 [A] Master Group, 3 [B] Keyboard Plucked Group, and 4 [A] Orchestral & Percussive Group, and 4 [B] and COMP DX & Effects Group.


PF 2000 Data Cartridge to DX-7 Cartridges Adapter.

"Yamaha PF2000 Owners Manual With Additional Operational And Descriptive Information"

Please Click Here For The Yamaha Factory Electronic Library Edition (in Adobe Acrobat ".PDF" format) Copy of the Yamaha PF2000 Factory Owners Manual.

Yamaha PF2000 Checkup 07-05-05


"Conditions of Sale, Payment and Shipping Options"

  All items listed in this sale are described and documented to the best of my knowledge and ability regarding their use or description. I have been an artist all of my 59 years. All known defects if any are documented, or listed and made known in the item description and/or photos to the best of my knowledge.

Remember that used items are not in new condition.  Good/great/nice/excellent condition for used items is not the same as new.   That is simply put, the facts as they truthfully are. If you want a new item or something that is hopefully new technology, please then realize and be alerted to buy a new one. Since this is a vintage item, I have attempted too, and it has hopefully been well cared for, and is capable of good service to you. I am not a dealer; however I am meticulous in the care of my personal goods. All items listed in this sale are used and may contain unknown and unforeseen areas of imperfection through normal use common to used equipment. Having said all of the above All sale items are sold as is.

Art, talent, ability, and your knowledge or experience in the subjective use and application of these eBay sale items, which are tools and instruments of creative endeavor is dependant on many factors, including timing, related creative inspiration, experience, judgment, and ability.

Contact and Payment

Buyer must contact seller within seventy-two (72) hours after close of sale. Payment must be received by seller no later than ten (10) days after close of auction. Seller will accept Paypal, Certified Bank Check, or Money Order. Item will not be shipped until after funds are received, transfer of funds is completed, holds placed on funds deposit lifted, and payment is fully credit released to our account.


Shipping Restrictions: I will ship only to a  physical address, Signature Required, No P.O. Box Shipping, Shipping to the lower 48 contiguous United States Only, Shipping to be paid by Buyer. Paypal users must be shipped to a Paypal Users Confirmed Address only; No Exceptions.

"Possible Shipping Options"

Estimated Standard Truck Freight Shipping Charges were collected as of July 29, 2005 (Buyer Pays Actual Shipping Charges).

I have supplied below a number of prominent US cities for your estimate of shipping to a locality near you. Please use these destination city of a distance in excess to you location, as defined by Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Zip 73102) as city of origin. Please choose a city which is further than your location, and in an area of the country in which you live, to make your final decision as to an estimated closing cost of this PF2000 eBay sale Item.

I will package, box, and ship the instrument and accessories, delivering them to the truck line freight carrier. Buyer will be charged the actual amount of the freight delivery charge, which is charged by carrier to deliver the PF2000 and accessories to your destination location, pursuant to the truck line guidelines for delivery, or dock pick up, depending on your arrangements, city or rural location.

Please Find Below Estimated Shipping Cost To Sample Cities, Buyer to pay actual shipping cost at closing of sale. If you have any questions, please email me, using ask the buyer a question option located at top of sale page.

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